The College Library is opened from 09.00A.M to 04.00P.M on all working days and remains closed on Sunday and other Holidays.

Library Rules

  • No bllis shall be taken out of the Library until it has been properly entered in the Loan Register and the entry attested by the borrow.
  • Each borrower must examine the condition of the books before they are issued. Otherwise in case of mutilation discovered later the responsibility will lie on the borrower.
  • Books shall be returned within the period allowed to a borrower. When the date of return of Book falls on an authorized holiday. It must be returned to the Library on the day the Library reopens.
  • All Books belonging to the Library and on the possession of borrows should be returned to the Library before the College classes for summer vacation one or before the date notified for the purpose. After the notified date, if the borrower fails to return the books, reminder will be served. After the expiry of the reminder, if the borrower does not submit the books than he/she has to give four times of the cost of the books (for staff only).
  • Books borrowed from the Library should be returned immediately after a notice from the Library authorities.
  • Books taken out of the Library must be returned to the counter assistants and nobody else.
  • No marginal or other noties shall be made in the Library Books, Magazines, News Papers and periodicals nor shall any pictures removed or torn or otherwise disfigured. In such case the borrower may be asked to replace, he/she will to pay four times the cost of the books.
  • The Librarian will report to the Principal, the name of persons responsible for improper use of the Library Books and Magazine (improper use means – mutilation, disfigure Books etc.)
  • The News papers, Magazine and Periodical are not allowed to be taken outside the Library and reading room premises by any person at anytime.
  • The Principal reserves the right to stop the issue of certain books.
  • Dogs, Cycle, Bikes, Sticks and other articles not connected with study, should not be brought in to the Library premises.
  • In reading-room, silence and discipline should be observed by the students.
  • Students found talking loudly, singing and making noise in the reading room and Library shall be penalized.
  • An un-authorized person who tries to force his/her way into the library may be turned out of the Library by the Library staff and this case shall be reported to the principal immediately.
  • If the book, magazine periodical, damaged or defected and one of a set of series the volume cannot be obtained single the whole series must be replaced another borrowers cost.
  • Any case / application regarding library matters to the Principal must come thought the Librarian / Library In charge.
  • A borrower against whom any over due or other charge form the Library.
  • All those who may happen to be inside the Library or its neighborhood are expected to observe strip silence. All conversation expects what is absolutely necessary for the transaction of library business is forbidden inside the Library.
  • The Library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting the books and periodicals of the Library.
  • Spiting, Smoking and sleeping inside the Library and reading room, placing legs on furniture are strictly forbidden.
  • A book may be re-issued to a borrower only when nobody wants to take the book.
  • Reserve books, maps, calendars, courses of studies questionnaires, University question papers and rare books shall not be issued for use outside the Library except teaching staff.
  • Members of the teaching staff and other employees of the College may take books from the Library on signing in the loan register. Students must borrowe books on Library orders.
  • The books will be issued to the students according to the Library notice.


  • If a student does not return the book in time he / she will be fined 50 paise per day till the book is returned, neither suitable action will be taken against the borrower.
  • In case of lost, damaged defaced, mutilation the borrower has to replace the copy along with the fine according the rule.
  • If the replacement is not possible, the borrower will have to pay four times of the cost of the books the maximum fine should not exceed four times the cost of the present edition of the book.
  • (For staff only) If a book taken by a staff is lost the concerned person will have to return the book of the latest edition, otherwise, he / she must have pay four times of the cost of the book within the stipulated period as per the rule 6.

News papers & Periodicals available in the Library.


Text Books (For +2 & +3 Classes) : 3450 Nos

Reference Books : 4380 Nos


The Samaj

The Sambad

The Pragatibadee

The Dharitree

The New Indian Express

The Prameya


The Employment News

Nijukti Khabar


The Junior Science refresher

The competition success review


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