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About Derabis College

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Each and every institution has its own history. The history of Derabis College dates back to the year 1981 when some enlightened minds of this locality thought about the setting up a College in such a remote and underdeveloped area like Derabis with a mission and vision of providing a sphere of higher education. Their idea of establishing a centre of higher education has been a magical spirit for the then enterprising locals. Because, despite the mushrooming growth of a number of M.E. Schools and high Schools this area was once lacking Higher Education facility. This was the real problem that hovered over the heads of many a gentleman, educationist, organizer, social worker and freedom fighter of this locality. For the fulfillment of their long cherished dream a public meeting was convened at Derabish High School under the chairmanship of Sri Sadananda Bedanta, a patron of Higher Education for the purpose of opening of a College in order to cater the Higher Educational needs of the local people and the conception of Derabis College took place in that meeting.

Among the noted few blessed souls like Sri Surendranath Das, the then Headmaster of Derabish High School, Er.Banambar Das, Sri Lokanth Singh, Read More...

Principal's Message

Derabis College, Derabis has been a niche in the realm of higher education through its academic excellence for the last thirty Six Years. Placed on the heart of Derabis and guarded by Hari Shankar Temple, Ganesh Temple, Maa Basanti Thakurani Temple and above all Dadhi Bamanjew Temple. The college itself has turned into a temple of learning with its indelible and unmistakable stamps of holistic development on the society as a whole. Basing on a learning environment, the College has been providing an opportunity for the young and aspiring learners to dive into the portals of Higher Education since its inception. Despite its rural set up, the college has already become a kind of ray for the poor and meritorious students of this area. So to speak, it has quenched their thirst for becoming right kind of citizens through its sincere and dedicated initiative.

Equipped with Honours study facilities in Degree Arts subjects viz. Economics, Sociology , Odia, Political Science, History & Education. Along with Degree teaching in Science Honours Subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry , Botany & Zoology. its well experienced and dedicated faculties have been trying at their best in the field of teaching and learning to make it as a hub of academic excellence, professional success amongst the students.


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Admission Strength (2018-19)

+2 Arts Total Students - 496
  • 1st Year - 254
  • 2nd Year - 242
+2 Science Total Students - 183
  • 1st Year - 87
  • 2nd Year - 96
+3 Arts Total Students - 489
  • 1st Year - 134
  • 2nd Year - 165
  • 3rd Year - 190
+3 Science Total Students - 191
  • 1st Year - 62
  • 2nd Year - 65
  • 3rd Year - 64

Result Percentage (2017-18)

+2 Arts
+2 Science
+3 Arts
+3 Science